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PDF Versions

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Many time you will want to upgrade or downgrade or specify a specific PDF version for compatibility concern.  Most publishing houses and editorials require you to generate your PDF document compliant to their specification, for example, PDF 1.5. Here 1.5 is the PDF version for solving compatibility issues.


You can generate PDF document of version 1.5 so that the publishing houses or editorials can accept your PDF submission after proper validation.


PDF 1.4 (Standard supported by Adobe Acrobat / Adobe Reader 5.0 or higher) and PDF 1.3 (Standard supported by Adobe Acrobat / Adobe Reader 4.0 or higher) are offered by Modern PDF. You can choose the PDF version of your output PDF file.




PDF files of version 1.4 can be opened, viewed, edited, printed, refined by virtually all applications across multiple platforms such as Microsoft Windows, Apple MacOS, IBM AS/400, IBM Mainframe, Linux, Unix, HP-UX, Android, WebOS, Sebian, and more.