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Automatic Output

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Misc Tab


The Automatic Output includes being able to overwrite or rename the generated PDF result to the target PDF file in time. Once a choice is made in the Output Options, Modern PDF series products acts according to the decision you make when the target PDF file exists.


Here are the two choices,


1. Overwrite existing file

2. Rename if destination exists


The following case describes how the first option decides the behavior of Modern PDF:


Suppose you have a DailyReport.PDF file already in your "My Documents" folder, and you create a new PDF file from Microsoft Word, and specify DailyReport.PDF as the destination file name in the Save-As dialog. Now the conflict in file name happens. You will see a run-time warning dialog to prompt you to confirm which action to take,


1. Yes - Overwrite

2. No - Do not overwrite, just ignore


To bypass this Confirm Save As warning dialog for good and all, you should make a choice among 'Overwrite existing file' and 'Rename if destination exists' in the Automatic Output in Misc tab, as illustrated below,




Output To: You should specify a folder be it a local folder or a remote folder with a UNC name like \\PrintServer\John or \\\PDFOut




A. You can't specify a file here. If you are looking for such a product that always output the PDF result to a specific file, feel free to contact us.


B. Before you specify your Output To folder, you need to assure that the folder already exists and Modern PDF print driver could have enough privilege to save the output PDF files to the folder.