PDF Overwrite Options

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PDF Overwrite Options

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Confirm Save As Dialog


Modern PDF series products pop up a warning dialog if it finds the destination PDF file already exists.


The warning dialog provides two options,




1. Yes - Overwrite

2. No - Do not overwrite, just ignore


You can enable Automatic Output in the Output Options to resolve the conflict without any prompt (do not pop up this Confirm Save As dialog as more).


To disable this warning dialog for good and all, you would probably be interested in letting the software know your choice in the Misc tab,




1. Check the option 'Enable automatic output feature and bypass the Save As dialog'

2. Specify the 'Output To' folder be it a local folder or a remote folder with a UNC name

3. Choose 'Overwrite existing file'


Unless you wish not to overwrite the existing file, you choose 'Rename if destination exists'.