Client Setup Utilities

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Client Setup Utilities

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The Client Setup Utility allows you to deploy ModernPDF printer automatically rather than manually to all your clients from your logon script or environment setup script.


According to the licensing model, you are required to purchase at least one ModernPDF Server license for your print server computer, AND one Client License for each client. For example, if you have 50 clients, and you are suggested to buy 50 Client Licenses, or a 50-User License Pack.




Client Setup for Modern PDF Server 2.01

Copyright (C) 2003-2012 PDFLogic Corporation. Rights Reserved.


Usage: ClientSetup.exe [ServerName] [PrinterName] ([PrinterDisplayName])


C:\>ClientSetup.exe "Modern PDF Server" "My PDF Printer"


C:\>ClientSetup.exe print-srv001 "Modern PDF Server" "This PDF Creator"



ServerName can be the server name or the IP address of the server where Modern PDF Server software is installed.


PrinterName should always be "Modern PDF Server" unless the name of the "Modern PDF Server" printer on the server side is changed to another name.


PrinterDisplayName is the actual display name of the shared printer on the client side. This parameter is optional, and it takes effect with Windows Vista or later only.