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Frequently Asked Questions

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The most frequently-asked questions about installing and using Modern PDF products are answered below. If you have a question that isn't answered here or elsewhere on this Web site, please write to


Q: Is it legal to create PDF with your solution?


A: Absolutely legal. PDF has become an open standard. Any individual or company can write PDF creation software to create PDF files compliant to the Adobe PDF specification.



Q: Does your software support business graphics and press-ready output?


A: Yes. Modern PDF series products supports CMYK, RGB, sRGB color spaces and 16 combinations of graphics and image compressions and rendering to assure the quality of business graphics and press-ready output.



Q: Our company has multiple sites, will one site license be enough?


A: Our Site License allows you to install the software on unlimited number of servers and workstations (including portables, notebooks, and laptops) in multiple offices of your company in different locations, cities, and countries.



Q: Can I get discount if I purchase multiple licences?


A: We offer volume discounts for individuals and companies that purchase multiple licenses. For more information on pricing, visit



Q: I am not sure if your product works with Windows Server?


A: Our product is designed and certificated for Windows 2000 Server, Windows 2000 Advanced Server, Windows 2000 Datacenter, Windows Server 2003, and Windows Server 2008.



Q: I installed Modern PDF Server on a Windows Server 2003, and the client can't have access to the shared ModernPDF printer. How come?


A: Here is the checklist,

   1) Modern PDF Server software has been installed with Administrative privilege onto the Windows Server 2003.

   2) Guest account or an appropriate user account has been enabled to make ModernPDF printer accessible by printing.

   3) Firewall has been disabled or an appropriate rule to bypass firewall has been applied.

   4) Modern PDF Client software has been launched on the client with the correct parameters.



Q: I installed Modern PDF Converter on a Windows XP Pro computer, but failed to share the ModernPDF printer for other computers. Why?


A: Here is the checklist,

   1) Modern PDF Converter has been installed on the Windows XP Pro computer successfully.

   2) You have enabled printer sharing by selecting "Start"->"Programs"->"Modern PDF Converter"->"Enable Printer Sharing"

   3) Firewall has been disabled or an appropriate rule to bypass the firewall has been applied.

   4) Modern PDF Client software has been launched on the client with the correct parameters.



Q: I installed Modern PDF Server on a Windows Vista computer. Can I share my ModernPDF printer for the other computer?


A: Sure. Please follow,

   1) On your Vista computer, select "Start"->"Control Panel"->"Printers and Faxes", right-click on the icon of the "Modern PDF Server" printer, and choose "Sharing...". Enable the printer sharing and specify ModernPDF as the share name.

   2) On your client computer, launch the Modern PDF Client software to install the shared ModernPDF printer from the server.



Q: Do I need to uninstall a previous version of Modern PDF before I install a newer version?


A: No. There is no need to uninstall the previous version before installing a newer version of the program.



Q: Do I need to uninstall the trial version of Modern PDF software before I install the full version?


A: No. The full version of Modern PDF software can be installed 'over' the trial version. This means that the trial version's files will be replaced by the full version's files.



Q: Can I use Modern PDF software on both my desktop and portable computer?


A: If you purchased a single-user license for the full version of Modern PDF software, you can use the software on one or more computers you own, provided the program is only used on one computer at a time. If more than one person will be using Modern PDF software on different computers at the same time, you must purchase a multiple-user license.



Q: Do I need to purchase Modern PDF Server, if I want to install Modern PDF on a server computer?


A: Yes. Only Modern PDF Server can be installed on a server computer. You are required to purchase a license if you want to continue using Modern PDF beyond the trial period.



Q: Which product works on Microsoft Windows 7 ?


A: All our products work on Windows 7.



Q: What is your upgrade policy?


A: 3-Year Free Upgrades.



Q: What are the differences between Modern PDF Writer, PDF Generator, PDF Printer, PDF Creator, and PDF Converter?


A: You can read the ModernPDF product comparison chart to get some ideas on the differences between our products. Modern PDF Writer is designed for the PDF novice and customers who don't want to invest much on PDF creation software. Modern PDF Converter is a bi-lateral conversion software that can create PDF files from virtually any document type, such as Microsoft Word, Excel, AutoCAD, Crystal Report etc, and meanwhile convert any PDF file to HTML, Text, Microsoft Word format.



Q: How can I make CMYK PDF document?


A: Before you print to ModernPDF printer, click the Properties button of your ModernPDF printer, explore to the Color Space tab, set the Color Space to CMYK rather than RGB or sRGB.



Q: How to append to an existing PDF file?


A: There are two ways. One is to use the "PDF Splitter & Merger" utility as included in Modern PDF Converter to merge two PDF files. The other way is to choose the "Append to an existing PDF file" option in the Output tab when you create your second PDF file.